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Why use B2B telemarketing?

Your company may need to outsource telemarketing to :-

• support your existing sales force,
• test the market to aid the development of new sales initiatives,
• see if the process can generate new business,
• increase an existing client base,
• generate new appointments,
• increase enquiries,
• carry out market research,
• clean an existing client database,

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Outsourced telemarketing can provide a professional resource to develop new channels of communication with your customers. If you have never had a telesales function in your business before, outsourcing allows you to experiment and find out whether this is an effective means of promoting your company and will also support your other marketing strategies.

Relationship building is fundamental to the success of any telemarketing campaign. Only by gaining feedback from your prospective customers can you make the strategic decisions needed to develop your business.

At MDS Teleservices we work in partnership with our clients, passing on any feedback and developing the relationship between prospective customers and client.

Using a telemarketing service will provide your business with a direct channel of communication with prospective clients. The telemarketer will focus on driving new opportunities, developing cold canvass leads and new contacts, building and increasing your contact database and gaining appointments with new prospects, allowing the business owner to continue in the role that they are best suited – Running their business!

Telemarketing should not be viewed as a short-term activity, but as a means of developing new business, building relationships over a period of weeks or even months. Contracts for telemarketing can vary from business to business, but must allow time for the development of new relationships with prospective customers. At MDS Teleservices we don’t bind clients to long-term agreements but allow them to set up rolling contracts to accommodate their telemarketing needs.

MDS Teleservices will telephone canvass to find the new leads, send out any promotional literature and build a database of contacts for our clients and make appointments if required – we offer a complete telemarketing package.

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