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Why Patient Telemarketers Win

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Patience is important in telemarketing  and very often results don’t happen as soon as we would like them to.

Imagine you are a telemarketer eager to make a sale yet nearly every prospect says “No” or “Not now.”  Naturally you become disappointed and possibly disillusioned.  You must realise that success or failure is a choice.  There is nothing you can do to push people to buy from you at that very moment.  Give your prospect time, give them a follow up call in a week or two or even a month. Learn the art of patience and you can be successful if you choose to.

Telemarketing is not about being pushy; the most admirable characteristic of successful telemarketing is patience. This can simply mean learning to work hard and do things over and over again until you get the results you want.

  • Stay with your goals but they don’t expect overnight success. Know that time is your best asset and that all your goals can be achieved as long as you give yourself a realistic time frame.
  • Do not be discouraged easily. Make use of your time to re-evaluate what works and what doesn’t and they try to nurture the relationships with your prospects.  Do more research and improve your calling script to be more effective.
  • A patient telemarketer is not “pushy”. They know when to ease up and don’t push their prospects to the point of antagonising them.
  • Plan.  Think about each call and listen to your prospect before speaking. Conduct research before you cold call.

Being patient is important in all telemarketing activities, including lead generation and appointment setting.  Remember it is a process and it takes time (sometimes longer than we like) but wait patiently and you will succeed.


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