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Consultation Into Lowering The Legal Threshold On Unwanted Calls

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The government has launched consultations into lowering the legal threshold before firms can be fined for nuisance calls.

Completed my presentation to Business Integrity Group 9 tips to make your #Telemarketing campaign successful

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How to Assist Your Out Sourced Telemarketing to be Successful.

Many of us attend networking events to make contacts and collect business cards. But after the event what do we do with the contact information that we have collected?

We all have good intentions to follow up on the contacts made at the networking and have one to one meetings but invariable these intentions get put to one side as we get busy.

One way of easing the pressure and taking your good intentions forward is to outsource the follow up enquiries to a telemarketing organisation.

Telemarketing is a tried-and-tested means of promoting all types of business products and services, but without a little planning it can be unsuccessful and costly.

 Here are nine tips to aid you and help make your telemarketing campaign successful.

 1.Set a Goal

Telemarketing has been proven to bridge the gap between companies and consumers or between businesses.

However, it doesn’t mean that by employing a telemarketing campaign with the general idea of “boosting sales, lead generation, etc.” it will result in success.

Businesses looking to use telemarketing as part of their marketing strategy need to look at their starting point and identify specific areas for improvement. Then set attainable targets within clearly defined timelines.

 2. Resources

Starting a successful telemarketing campaign requires provision of all the necessary resources to reach the goals.

This is not just finance. The telemarketing service provider needs to be given enough information and support to reach the goals that you have established.

 3. Analyze the Information

Whether it’s the number of sales, leads generated or the number of rejections, it’s critical that the feed back provided by the telemarketer is analyzed and acted on. Ignoring the reasons why prospects decline offers or are not interested in your product, leads to wasted opportunities to improve services and products.  View your telemarketing campaign as a means of market research also.

 4. Budget

Knowing how to budget for a marketing campaign is vital to any business, but pursuing telemarketing with the mindset of keeping costs as low as possible does not allow for the best returns. Using an untrained person on minimum wage or a telemarketing service that is priced at a low rate may have the appeal of saving money but the lack in training and resources could result in a substandard service.

 5. Communication

Lack of communication can be a major problem when outsourcing a telemarketing campaign. There must be a clear flow of information between your business and the telemarketer to provide a clear concise message to your prospective customers.

For example;- If a company is promoting itself as offering great customer service with employees that truly care, the telemarketing campaign should also reflect this through the calls. If they don’t your company can lose credibility and your image is damaged.

 6. Don’t Push for a Sale on the First Call

There is a misconception that a new telemarketing campaign means getting straight to business with prospects and generating immediate results.

By pushing for a sale on the first call to prospective client you risk creating antagonism and rejection.

Don’t view your telemarketing campaign as a quick fix. First calls to prospects should be aimed at nurturing a relationship, patiently engaging with them before ultimately leading them to buy a product or service.

 7. Follow Up

Spending time and money getting your telemarketer to build a rapport with prospects without following-up on any leads that they generate is a waste. You need to do your part and pursue the leads that the telemarketer supplies.

On the other hand, situations change and even when a prospect has politely declined but expressed a slight interest it is important that the telemarketer follows these prospects up at a future date to develop this relationship and get the most out of every call made.

 8. Script

Scripts are important to telemarketing, as they give the agents an organised means of getting the message across to a customer. However, relying solely on a script is a mistake. Work on the script with your telemarketer but don’t expect them to stick rigidly to it.

A situation may arise that the script doesn’t have an answer for and in such circumstances flexibility is key.

Also sticking rigidly to a script gives the impression that the telemarketer is not really listening to the person that they have called or that they don’t know the product that they are promoting.

 9. Knowledge

Lack of knowledge can be embarrassing for both the business and the telemarketer. You must provide enough information for your telemarketer to do their job well.

The ultimate goal of telemarketing is to directly communicate with the target audience.

To do this effectively means relaying the right information to your selected telemarketing service they in turn can then build real connections with your customers.


How do you Promote Your Business?

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Interesting discussion about marketing strategies at Grantham Breakfast Club this morning. How do you promote your business, press advertising, leaflets, telemarketing, web or relying on referrals?

North Notts Networking event

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At North Notts Networking event this morning, Retford Golf Club, shame I’m not a golfer or I could have taken advantage of the venue. Marilyn in the office if anyone has a courier enquiry

New Client Signs For Telemarketing

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Brilliant! new client signed up yesterday for telemarketing services to promote their business. We are covering a diverse range of industries from engineering to accountancy, archetectural services, point of sales displays and security, every day is different and every week interesting.

Why Patient Telemarketers Win

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Patience is important in telemarketing  and very often results don’t happen as soon as we would like them to.

Imagine you are a telemarketer eager to make a sale yet nearly every prospect says “No” or “Not now.”  Naturally you become disappointed and possibly disillusioned.  You must realise that success or failure is a choice.  There is nothing you can do to push people to buy from you at that very moment.  Give your prospect time, give them a follow up call in a week or two or even a month. Learn the art of patience and you can be successful if you choose to.

Telemarketing is not about being pushy; the most admirable characteristic of successful telemarketing is patience. This can simply mean learning to work hard and do things over and over again until you get the results you want.

  • Stay with your goals but they don’t expect overnight success. Know that time is your best asset and that all your goals can be achieved as long as you give yourself a realistic time frame.
  • Do not be discouraged easily. Make use of your time to re-evaluate what works and what doesn’t and they try to nurture the relationships with your prospects.  Do more research and improve your calling script to be more effective.
  • A patient telemarketer is not “pushy”. They know when to ease up and don’t push their prospects to the point of antagonising them.
  • Plan.  Think about each call and listen to your prospect before speaking. Conduct research before you cold call.

Being patient is important in all telemarketing activities, including lead generation and appointment setting.  Remember it is a process and it takes time (sometimes longer than we like) but wait patiently and you will succeed.


Update on EU proposes changes to Data protection Regulations

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this will affect nearly all businesses in some way

Proposed EU Changes To Data Protection

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Summary of EU draft changes to data protection regulations.

Good advice for motorists from the AA.

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Skills For Effective Telemarketing

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It takes time and practice to become a first rate telemarketer, just like any other direct marketing technique. Luckily for most telemarketers, they have a good range of experience to draw on to improve their skills and strategies: real-life and previous conversations. There’s nothing better to help you interact with your customers than real life experience, drawing on this and conversation skills will help you interact with your customers.

By monitoring your calls you will be able to see how well you pick up on information and opportunities given by your contact and will help you develop the essential skills for successful telephone prospecting.

Identify the problem – The first step to success is to identify your customers needs or problems. This is where your conversation skills are required as you will need to dig a little deeper than you might imagine and ask the questions to get to the root of their problems. You can do this by finding out what they value, what problems they have and what would help them or solve their problem. Don’t try to push a sale in the first minutes of the call. Without the right information it may amount to trying to push a square peg through a round hole. You need to understand your customer and build a rapport with them before you can progress a sale.

Don’t get Down Hearted  – You will get lots of telephones which are engaged or are not answered. You may be hung up on. Occasionally you may be barked at by a stressed out customer and you will see a sale slip right through your grasp. These things do happen, but it’s important to learn from the mistakes that you make and put them as far out of your mind as possible. If you let the negatives get to you, your customers will hear the lethargy and antipathy in your voice. If you remain positive, you are more likely to be successful.

Don’t read from a script parrot fashion – Be flexible in your approach and be natural.