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Skills For Effective Telemarketing

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It takes time and practice to become a first rate telemarketer, just like any other direct marketing technique. Luckily for most telemarketers, they have a good range of experience to draw on to improve their skills and strategies: real-life and previous conversations. There’s nothing better to help you interact with your customers than real life experience, drawing on this and conversation skills will help you interact with your customers.

By monitoring your calls you will be able to see how well you pick up on information and opportunities given by your contact and will help you develop the essential skills for successful telephone prospecting.

Identify the problem – The first step to success is to identify your customers needs or problems. This is where your conversation skills are required as you will need to dig a little deeper than you might imagine and ask the questions to get to the root of their problems. You can do this by finding out what they value, what problems they have and what would help them or solve their problem. Don’t try to push a sale in the first minutes of the call. Without the right information it may amount to trying to push a square peg through a round hole. You need to understand your customer and build a rapport with them before you can progress a sale.

Don’t get Down Hearted  – You will get lots of telephones which are engaged or are not answered. You may be hung up on. Occasionally you may be barked at by a stressed out customer and you will see a sale slip right through your grasp. These things do happen, but it’s important to learn from the mistakes that you make and put them as far out of your mind as possible. If you let the negatives get to you, your customers will hear the lethargy and antipathy in your voice. If you remain positive, you are more likely to be successful.

Don’t read from a script parrot fashion – Be flexible in your approach and be natural.


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