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Up Selling By Telemarketing Drives Increased Sales

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According to the latest statistics predicting the end of the double dip recession many business owners are looking for opportunities to claw their way back to pre-recession sales levels.

Companies that fared well before the slump are now trying to keep their customers as competition intensifies and the threat of a new price war looms.

The use of telemarketing may provide an answer for business owners who are looking to maintain a competitive advantage and cross selling or up-selling via telemarketing can assist to increase sales opportunities.

For the uninitiated, cross or up selling is offering the customer the opportunity to purchase additional products or services related to whatever he or she has already bought or is in the process of buying.  It isn’t just the sales department that should be involved in the process – customer service representatives and other staff members that deal with your customers are also in an ideal position to assist.

Many companies are now asking their support engineers and technicians to recommend product upgrades or renew warranty agreements, effectively turning them into additional sales staff. But if customer service professionals are uncomfortable dealing with customers in this manner and do not wish to sell or do not introduce the sale in a way that benefits the customer, then no sale will take place.

 A telemarketer can support  technical staff in the field by opening negotiations when booking appointments and asking relevant questions relating to warranty renewal dates and any other related products they may be considering purchasing. This information can then be passed to the technician or person that will be visiting the client, thus encouraging a team approach to dealing with the client.

Often when presented with an up-sell and cross-sell initiative, many customer service professionals do not see it as their job to sell. They feel that it is up to the sales department not theirs and encouragement is needed to make this become a minority view. Successful telemarketing cross-selling techniques should give the customer a feeling of being valued and offered a better service, not just about being sold to and selling more products. It is also important not to overload a customer with too many unrelated suggestions. 

A successful strategy is to offer a package deal of products that will appeal to the customer encouraging a saving on purchasing individual items. Retailers have already adopted this strategy and businesses can also benefit when offering their professional services or manufactured goods.

There is evidence that clients who receive several services from one provider tend to be more loyal than those who receive a single service. Customers find it much easier to switch providers selling a single service than those providing multiple services.

Organisations that are able to provide a number of services will be more flexible if one sector shows a downturn in sales rather than a business that relies on one product or service alone.   

The compelling argument for investing in a cross-selling approach is that it can generate more profit per sale in the same way that up-selling can increase the total value of a sale.

It is always worth remembering that a huge number of sales are achieved purely on personal recommendation from previously satisfied customers.

 Clients that have been dealt with in the correct manner by your customer service, telemarketing and technical teams will  feel valued and are more likely to recommend your business. The old adage that people buy from people is still very true and clients will always want to feel they have made the right choice. The personal touch of telemarketing and customer services are a great asset helping clients to feel that they have made the correct choice thus reinforcing their customer loyalty.

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